Friday, 4 September 2015

Ms Marmite Lovers Green and Black Cheescake with Limes - Avocado with Oreo Base

When I initially saw Vegan Mofo prompt for today, I knew exactly what weird combination I was going to share with you, then I re-read the prompt  this morning and it said 'a weird combination that you love' and the fact is there is not a weird combination that I loveSo I had to think hard about this and came up with this - Avocados.  I have actually come to like sorta love avocados in cheesecakes.  

I've seen lots of green vegan cheesecakes over the past 5 years or so made with avocado, but I have never made one myself.  So when I saw Ms Marmite Lovers aka Kerstin Rodgers Green and Black Cheesecake with Bengali Lime and Avocado last month in V is for Vegan  (one of my favourite cookbooks at the moment) I knew I had to have a go at making it at home.  
So guess what, other than just ogling at it in the glossy pages of V is for Vegan, I actually did make it.  Yay.  Here it is in all its green and black glory.  I did have to adapt her recipe a little like using 3 limes instead of 5, but nothing major that would alter the recipe significantly.   I also studded the cheesecake with a handful of blueberries from my garden.  
It was beautifully light and a sublimely green thought this is not picked up by the photos sadly.  I am also sorry I don't have a photograph of it sliced to share, but I assure you it sliced wonderfully. I actually preferred it more on the third day of eating, the lemony lime zingness seemed much stronger.  Even D, who is not that keen on vegan cheesecake was won over by this one. 
As well as Vegan Mofo. I am sharing this with No Waste Food Challenge and idea by Elizabeths Kitchen Diary .  This month it is hosted by Foodie Quine.  The Oreo cookies where discovered in my kitchen cupboard and quickly reaching is best before date, this recipe made for the perfect excuse of gobbling them up.  Want the recipe?! Then by the cookbook: V is for Vegan.

Vegan Month In My Kitchen

I really enjoy participating In My Kitchen posts for a number of reasons.  Firstly like most, it gives me a way to nosey around in other peoples kitchens without actually ever imposing myself on them. Secondly, I discover other worldly ingredients, and finally it connects me with other fellow bloggers around the world.  

As I am participating in Vegan Mofo this month, the stuff I share today will all be suitable for vegans, but that doesn't mean those of you who are not vegan won't enjoy some of them, so please stick around even if its just out of curiosity. 
Firstly I must show off some of my home grown produce, starting with these delightful colourful tomatoes in a fish shaped colander.  I also had some yellow and green courgettes aka zucchini's which I made into baked courgette - zucchini 'fries'. 
The plums are literally beginning to fall to the ground with the breeze, so I have been harvesting them and sharing them with family, friends and neighbours.  They are not the prettiest, but they taste lovely.  I will be baking some lovely sweet delights soon with them, as well as eating them natural.  
I've also got some beans - green and purple french climbing pole beans, runner beans and borlotti beans (not shown) that have been used mostly in side dishes. 
I picked up some more vegan VPud Black Pudding recently as I really liked it this time round than I had in the past.  I think the recipe may have been improved.  I will be making something with it soon.  I also have aubergines aka eggplant and sweet potatoes - both white and red variety from the green grocers, not my garden.  I am still thinking about what to do with them, other than baked spicy sweet potato chips - which I love, but a change is nice sometimes.  
I made some vegan facon 'bacon'  last weekend in readiness for Vegan Mofo.  I also shared it on Photo An Hour, if your interested in checking it out. 
In my kitchen store cupboard I have some Suma Wholefoods Wheat Gluten excellent for making seitan, some vegetarian suet that is suitable for vegan.  I am looking forward to making some sweet and savoury British - Welsh style puddings and Nut Roast.  I do often make my own nut roast, but sometimes its good to have a reliable back up.
Some Lentil Chips that are vegan and gluten free.  I have been trying to cut down on potato chips in favour of alternatives, this one was okay - I have to say, even though it was chilli and lemon, I think the flavour could have been enhanced further.
Neither of us consume dairy milk very much, but in an attempt to eat more cereal, D recently sampled some KoKo - alternative to milk and preferred it to the Soya drink we have in the house. So he has got back into the habit of eating more cereals for breakfast, instead of the regular weekend Veggie Fry-Up.  My nephew gave me some Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water.  I have to be honest, I am not quite sure about it, but am waiting to hear what D thinks.
Another Coconut drink, this one appealed because of the purple colour.  It is Taro Coconut Milk Drink.  I had it today.  It has an amazing lilac hue and the flavour is quite pleasant, it was light, a bit vanilla like, a little flowery and a little like sweet potato but not as rich.   And now for a very expensive vegan or vegetarian treat imported Dandies Marshmallow, but I don't do it that often and its a Treat!  I am looking forward to indulging myself. I have had vegan/vegetarian marshmallows in the past, but am curious to try these as lots of people on blogosphere have been raving about it. 
In my kitchen cupboards, right at the back I found these two Good Good Stuff  sweets (still in date).  I like them both very much, they actually have texture and flavour.  The Sugar Plums and Cola Breeze, are so much better than other vegetarian and vegan sweets that I have had in the past that just taste waxy or disintegrate in your mouth in moments, these are to be devoured slowly.  

Oh something else with coconut - coconut milk from a can this time.  I've made this colourful Caribbean vegan dish called 'Rundown'.  I will enlighten you more about it on Sunday, but I love it, it has sweetcorn, peppers, sweet potato, butternut squash, and kale from my garden.
I have been doing a lot of cooking from scratch recently.  I also made this soupy risotto looking dish where I have made the most of the courgettes and beans mentioned above from my garden, peas from my freezer, and edible flowers (nasturtium) also from my garden.
And finally, I made this vegan Black and Green Cheesecake from one of my favourite vegan cookbooks at the moment: V is For Vegan by Kerstin Rodgers.  I will share this vegan Avocado, Lime and Kiwi cheesecake in all its glory a little later, but for now I hope you have enjoyed peeking into my kitchen this month. 

Celia our gracious host from Fig and Lime Cordial is back hosting In My Kitchen. Please go and by and check out what is not just in her kitchen, but others bloggers from around the world.   

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Zucchini - Courgette Skinny Fries - Chips

These courgette aka zucchini skinny fries have been my favourite snack of late.
 Vegan Mofo has asked us for something Quick, Easy and Delicious and I think these fit the criteria fantastically well.  They are also relatively healthy, tasty and baked. 
These crunchy morsels taste even better as the courgettes are home-grown.  I am hoping to try this with other vegetables, including squash - imagine squash chips or fries, and why not - we have sweet potato chips.  And even green french beans, the options are endless.  

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Gol Guppay: Puffed Pastry Shells filled with Tamarind, Chickpeas and Potatoes

I love tamarind, but unlike my sister in laws who can drink it by the bucket loads, I satisfy my quench for it when my taste buds desires by making a zingy Tamarind drink, but it is Gol Guppay's that I now and again crave, and sadly it is one dish from my childhood that I don't make that often.

A good while back to mimic the flavours, I made a slow cooked tamarind vegetable pot with cumin dumpling, but I have never made Gol Guppay at home.  Its one of those social dishes, like tapas or a mezze that is best made when you are in good company, family, friends or just a social gathering.   You pick it up and pop it in on go in your gob.  
For those of you unfamiliar with Gol Guppay, it is a street snack from the Indian Sub-Continent - crispy puffed pastry shells known as puris that are filled with flavoured tamarind potatoes and chickpeas (aloo chaat and channa).  
I have been wanting to make some Gol Guppay quite recently, namely for the Inheritance Recipes challenge set by Solange at Pebble Soup last month.  The theme this month is Back to School hosted by Coffee and Vanilla.  

Well with Vegan Mofo asking participants to recreate a meal from our childhood, well it gave me the perfect reason to actually make it.  I have to confess though, my mother never prepped this for our lunch box, but we did have it often after school for tea before being shooed to after-school clubs.  
Although my mother has her own way of making Gol Guppay, I will link you to a recipe close to the way she makes it, in case you care to make it at home. The part where my mothers recipe differs is that she also includes white sweet potato and minced red onion and she also uses tamarind pulp for the tangy sauce, rather that tamarind concentrate.  Oh and we cheat, although we do know how to make the puffed pastry shells from scratch, most South Asian people very rarely make the the puffed pastry shell from scratch, most people pick them up from an ethnic grocers and I admit that is what I did this time round for convenience, more than anything else. I am also sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays #63

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vegan Mofo Begins Again for This Vegetarian

I have decided to participate in Vegan Mofo all over again.   

Not because of the potential new readers or possible extra traffic, though that is nice.  I do it more as a vegetarian who still considers herself on the path to veganism.  If your already vegan, then yes - Vegan Mofo is a way of life, as every day is Vegan Day and every month is Vegan Month, but for a vegetarian like myself, its a little challenge and I hope you will enjoy my read this month. 

Many of you will know that I am not a vegan, but a vegetarian, however a lot of what I do cook from scratch happens to be vegan friendly.  Therefore, September 2015 this blog will be free of all animal products such as cheese, dairy, eggs and  honey. 

I do not  have a theme for Vegan MoFo, but if there was going to be a theme it would be seasonal vegetables, of course and I might even throw in some recipes inspired by my Welsh roots too, such as the Welsh Lady's vegan laverbread caviar that I promised last year.
So let it begin, the first question asked by Vegan Mofo is Rise and Shine.  Tell us about your favourite vegan breakfast/brunch.  Depending on my mood, its a toss between this Cacao Nibs, Raw Chocolate and Cocoa Muesli  with this dairy free alternative to milk and this vegan 'facon' bacon, lettuce and tomato (vBLT) sandwich.     
I just love everything about it.  And it is for this reason, I made some in readiness at the weekend for Vegan Mofo 2015
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