Thursday, 26 February 2015

Little Green Kale Fritters

It was half term school holidays here in Wales last week and I popped into my brothers house in the afternoon, it happened to be Shrove Tuesday that day.  Like a nosey Aunt I peered over my nieces shoulder who was surfing the Internet for pancake recipes.  I teased her was she going to make her Aunty some lovely sweet pancakes?.  She confidently nodded her head and said she would, but I wasn't too sure when she was actually ever going to detach herself from the comfort of the sattee and physically go into the kitchen and create them, so in short I didn't get any.

So having felt I missed out a little,  I made some savoury fritters of my own over the weekend.  I would have preferred sweet, but having paid a long well overdue visit to the garden, it ended up being savoury ones with a good handful of garden pickings of curly kale.  
I am rather ashamed to admit that I haven't ventured much into the garden this year, but fortunately D has - every day in fact, as he goes out to feed the various birds we have and refresh the bird bath.  He raised my awareness a week or so back, when we had the high winds that the neighbours fence had fallen down,  typically it landed on our side too.  I begrudge this as it means more work for us in the garden come March.
Anyway, having finally stretched my legs in the garden my eyes fell on some curly kale that had not been got at by the beasties, bugs and birds.  I also spotted some purple sprouting broccoli, but thought it could do with another week to sprout a bit more, I will pick it this weekend.  

Back to the Green Kale Fritters,  D liked them very much describing them as 'a nice change'. There were some left over, which he polished off the following day simply re-heating them in the microwave.  I served these little fritters with a home-made sweetcorn-chilli relish. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Green Valley Elvis Smoothie

This Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is so called because it contains two ingredients alleged to be enjoyed by the King of Rock'n'Roll, the one and only Elvis Presley - peanut butter and bananas. 

As smoothies with green leafy vegetables seems to be the rage, I decided to throw in a handful of curly kale from my garden.
The Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is super smooth.  The curly kale not only gives colour and body to this smoothie, it also impart some of its flavour but this is well balanced by the banana, 'milk' and further enhanced by the sweetener, this time coming from the peanut butter, but you could easily substitute this with maple syrup or honey. I wouldn't describe this Green Smoothie as delicious at all, but it filled a hole in my belly and actually tasted good.  I would be more than happy to make it again.  I even gave D a glass and he was quite happy to drink it too, but he wasn't that impressed by the name I gave it, suggesting maybe calling it #Green Green Grass Of Home', but I am not budging. 
By they way did you know that there has been some speculation that Elvis ancestral roots may be of Welsh origin, such as Elvis Presley's ancestors coming from the Preseli Hills and Mountains in Pembrokeshire, Wales and having links with a nearby parish called St Elvis.  Well whatever the truth, this man is a world wide true legend. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Portobello Mushroom Stuffed with Tricolour Couscous

 I picked up these Portobello mushrooms to make a particular recipe, but when I got home I completely forgot what recipe I wanted to make (problem of flicking through too many cookbooks or maybe it's age?!).  

So in true ready steady cook style I just knocked up a light lunch and these Stuffed Mushrooms were on the table in not too long. 
I had half a packet of Tricolour Couscous left over from my Chickpea Marrow Curry rrecipe. The Tricolour Couscous is made up of golden couscous, some grains are delicately flavoured with spinach and tomato.   I decided to make the most of it as the primary base of my mushroom stuffing complimenting it further with some cooked chickpeas and the rest of the ingredients came from the fridge: spring onions, pepper, feta cheese and coriander.  

It made for a lovely light, colourful and flavoursome starter.  Now whats for dinner?! - leftovers from yesterday.