Sunday, 21 September 2014

Vegan Apple Raisin and Chocolate Loaf

I've had a really busy busy weekend, that i have barely had a moment to myself and Monday is nearly here, so forgive me for this short post as I want to make the most of what is left of my Sunday.  
Here is a Apple Raisin and Chocolate Loaf Cake made with local eating apples.  I've been eating apples every single day this week for lunch, but wanted to put some in cake too, this was the result.  

Lovely with a cuppa chai.
One recipe that I am looking forward to making again with seasonal Welsh apples is this Apple Butter, it was absolutely delicious.  This time round I will call it Welsh Apple Butter

Friday, 19 September 2014

Vegan BBQ Beetroot Seitan 'Steaks'

Oh wow, how real do these vegan BBQ Beetroot Seitan 'Steaks' look?!

At first, these vegan BBQ Beetroot Seitan 'Steaks' intimidated me a little, as they looked so real and 'meaty' on the plate.  I actually felt like I was eating out at a British pub, but I was at home.  These 'beetroot seitan 'steaks' were substantial and had texture and bite, had I not made them with my own hands, I would have been a bit sceptical tucking in, especially as you need a proper carving or a sharp knife to cut through the thick red slabs, motioning back and fro to reveal the beetroot 'bloody' seitan innards.  Succulent is not a word often associated with vegan grub, but these certainly were.  
I have to admit, but it was my mistake (not the recipe) that the first batch I made were a little over-done, but the second batch, I was more mindful of the timing and they turned out pretty perfect. The beetroot seitan 'steaks' are basted on both sides with a thick layer of BBQ sauce. This particular Smooth Original BBQ sauce comes from Jack Daniels.  It is both suitable for vegans and vegetarians. My taste buds are adventurous and can certainly take more smokiness and warmth, so I am looking forward to trying out the other two bottles: Extra Hot Habenero; and Hot Pepper Steak Sauce that I have, but you can use BBQ sauce any that you like. 
If you don't wish to make Beetroot Seitan 'Steaks', then you can easily shape the seitan into patties and make them into 'Beefy' Beetroot Seitan Burgers.  The recipe should make 8. 

Thanks to Suma Wholefoods, I am so pleased to be able to get vital wheat gluten that is more affordable and accessible.  And be a bit more adventurous with wheat meat creations that end up on my plate at home,  I know D is even more excited than me. 

These BBQ Beetroot Setian 'Steaks' are inspired and adapted from my lovely blogger friend Jules over at Little Black Fox.  I've written quite fondly of her before.  Jules has been quiet on the blog frontier for a couple of reasons.  First she was busy enjoying entrepreneurship with her partner, and most recently, motherhood.   I will type out the recipe with my adaptation later this evening, or over the weekend, just running out of time now, but I will end by saying OMG and I am not exaggerating here, you should have seen the blender with the beetroot concoction, like a scene from a gory horror movie, my hands were too full to get the camera and take a picture.  The recipe can get messy, if your a tad clumsy, so be prepared to do some wiping down with a cloth, but you won't regret the end result that lands on  your plate, its pretty 'spoof', yet real!  

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumnal Raspberry Chia Pudding for Breakfast

I've been ogling over Lucy The Kitchen Maid most recent blog post for Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding and Sudha's Mango Chia Pudding.  Coincidentally last week, I made my own Chia Pudding with home grown Autumnal raspberries, as well as Raspberry Chia Jam (still to be posted).  

In the last year or so, in the U.K chia seeds have become the trendy ingredient with some food bloggers, especially as the ingredient has become more readily available.  I have a number of chia seed recipes bookmarked, but never seemed to get my mitts on the seeds or found them a little too expensive to bother with at the time, until last year when I was fortunate to find a packet of them in my 'vegan food swap' that came from Claire who blogs over GreatVegan Expectations; since then Chia seeds have found a place in my kitchen.  
One recipe that has been sitting in the background for years, 4 years in fact has been from Oh She Glows for Strawberry Chia Jam, since then many variations of it with both fruit and vegetables, (or combination of both) have appeared on blogosphere.  My lovely blogger friend Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe has beat me to it and recently made her own version of Strawberry Chia Jam  for VeganMofo2014. Please go on over and check out her lovely blog, I have been following her recipes and reflections ever since I started blogging; and she without fail continues to inspire me.
Well no Chia Jam today, instead I have a Autumnal Raspberry Chia Pudding to share.  I enjoyed this over the weekend for breakfast, though it felt more like a dessert eating out of this glass (trifle style) bowl.  It was rather a large portion for me, so I ate it slowly - over an hour.  It is very reminisce of sago and tapioca pudding, so if you dislike those, then perhaps this pudding is not for you, but you have to admit - it looks quite intriguing. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Red Velvet Raw Vegan Beetroot 'Bounty' Heart Bars

I am absolutely in love with these 'Red Velvet Raw Vegan Beetroot 'Bounty' Bars', as much as one could be 'in love' with a raw dessert.  I don't do OMG, but this time the inner minx in me just could not resist yelping OMG especially on my first taste.  Every time I took a small bite , you know that feeling when your eyes dance in your head with delight - swoon - well I was not that far from that feeling.  These were pretty awesome in my opinion, and the flavour just got better as the days passed.  
The raw beetroot dyes and sweetens the white coconut and vice versa.  I was personally happy to eat these by hand like a bar of chocolate (rather than a spoon), but because of the natural beetroot juice colouring, BEWARE that your fingers will get a little stained; and for goodness sake do not wear white, in case some red coconut bits fall off and land on you - you have been warned.  
Whilst I was making these, I thought of my mother.  When I was a nipper, I remember my mother often treating herself to a bar of Bounty, because she loved the coconut content.  I know in my heart she would have loved these, but the greedy girl in me ate them all, not in one sitting but over the week.  I barely left the house that week meaning  there were no trips to my mother, hence the reason she did not get to try them.  I am a bit disappointed in myself for not jumping into the car and driving over with some of them, as I would liked to have known of her response to them, especially the raw aspect of the bars.  Although, my mother is quite adventurous compared to my sister-in-laws, going raw (unless its chutney, relish or a dip) may be a bit out there for her, but she may have surprised me and loved them as much as I did.
Anyway, when I plated these up ready for their photo-shoot, D muttered that they were not very neat and not fit for photographing.  I sort of agree with him and responded  'I just wanted to see if the recipe and combination worked', next time and there will be a next time I will make them look a little more neater than they are here, but truthfully I don't know when that is going to be so I have decided to share the ones that I have photographed with you now for VeganMofo 2014.