Friday, 18 April 2014

Garden Dug

Early in the month I showed you my new growing space - click here if you missed that post.
Well let me show you some good progress 
I dug this front part up a couple of weeks back and out of nowhere raspberry stalks have sprung up.  Too many in fact, that I am trying to control them, as I want a vegetable patch, not a raspberry garden.
Here is the garden from the top end.  I started the weeding and digging, and D finished it off just a few hours back.  He's going to have a sore back tomorrow, its been a long while since he dug the ground.  Like me, he is very excited to be growing fruit and vegetables again, but for him - its the greenhouse - he wants home-grown tomatoes.  I think he will get some, but not in the quantities he's grown in the past (see here) - slowly slowly we will get there once again.   

You can see the greenhouse at the front.  Lots of seeds are sprouting, including tomatoes!
Below we have some sweet peas that are crying to come out of the seedling box.  We will be building wigwams tomorrow for them to climb up on. 
Oh something I did not show you in the previous growing space post, is our pergoda, makes me feel oh la la.  I love it - but D has other ideas.  Because the strong gusts of wind early this year, the pergoda has been given a good battering.  Its not straight, so he is thinking perhaps removing it next year. 
I hope not, as I am loving it and the climbing roses and clematis that is climbing all over it. are just going to look gorgeous when they bloom  
And finally, somewhere for me to hang my recycled lanterns - I brought these withe me when we moved from Glasgow. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wild Garlic, Mushroom and Brie Quesadillas

Some of you already know of my home-made Garlic Mushroom and Parsley Pies, but another dish that makes the most of garlic and mushrooms are these Garlic, Mushroom Quesadillas.  This is such an easy peasy recipe knock up when the hunger pangs rumble.

I've used Brie cheese here, like cheddar cheese it tends to be in my fridge, but feel free to use whatever you like - a strong blue cheese would work well, as would oozy mozzarella.
Well early in the week, there was not much in the house to eat in the way of fresh vegetables, except for some mushrooms starting to look a little tired and an open packet of tortilla wraps that were beginning to go hard as I had not wrapped the packet properly.  So this is what  I made to eat as a light snack.  Except it not a light snack when you eat a whole one!
If you don't have any wild garlic, that's okay as the crushed garlic cloves in it would give you enough garlic hit.   I've used wild garlic here for two reasons.  One, I had some in the fridge and secondly for the green colour.  You must admit the colour of sauteed 'sluggish' mushrooms is not always the most attractive to the eye.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wild Garlic Chickpea Pancakes

Last week I mentioned that I had foraged for some wild garlic, and I promised to share with you some new dishes that I have made with it. So here goes, today I share with you some little savoury wild garlic chickpea pancakes.   

I often describe these chickpea pancakes to people who have not had it before as a flat version of the South Asian onion bhaji aka pakoras. I decided to enhance my plain chickpea pancakes with wild garlic, but if you can't find wild garlic where you are, feel free to substitute with spinach, rocket or any other soft leafy green that takes your fancy, maybe even a herb like coriander, parsley, mint or chives!
These chickpea pancakes are shallow fried in a wide pan.  When I am impatient, I enjoy eating them, especially hot straight from the pan, but they are best warm dipped in a homemade chutney.  I must say though, they are not so good cold. For more wild garlic recipes, please follow this link on my blog for inspiration.